Company Overview

1688 Myanmar go digital

Our Vision

With Digital Information , Together We Build Eco Friendly Business Climate for Next Generation. 
Our Mission

To Promote Myanmar products into an international business community. 

Our Objective & Goals
  • To Promote Digital Information in Myanmar
  • To Promote Myanmar companies to go international
  • To Help small and medium-sized enterprises promote their products to market 
  • To Help young generation to start their own businesses 
  • To Promote Myanmar products to Global Market

Why Use Our Service?

Keep Your Info Updated

The benifit of keeping your Business Info Update in our Directory was: 

  1. Increasing Economic benefits
  2. Increasing Coporate Finance
  3. Increasing Inverstor Relationship 
  4. Easier to Sell your Business
Our Core Values

Benifit of using our Directory was: 

  1. Fast and Effective Resource sharing 
  2. With Low Cost effective Marketing
  3. 24/7 Service


Save Myanmar Environment

 By reject all Non-environmental Friendly advertisements in Myanmar .

  1. Together we save Environmental of Myanmar 
  2. Together we build Eco Friendly Business climate for next generation.